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Under My Wing

Stories of Nanny and Bitty 'Mirs

Nanny from Dol Amroth [still no name]
Being the account of the nanny for the House of Hurin, 2978 TA to 2996 TA. Herein lieth details of her experiences in the White City, its inhabitants, and most importantly, with the two small Sons of Denethor entrusted to her care. Copious amounts of cute may be seen within.

Most stories are from Nanny's perspective; some are not. Some of them she's not even in.

Stories also published elsewhere as the Under My Wing series by edoraslass, although there are no promises that other sites are complete collections. However, some installments here are written by other people. Anything not written by edoraslass will be marked.

Disclaimer: None of the LOTR canon characters or settings are mine.
All OCs are mine unless otherwise stated.
Like Mag; Mag isn't mine, she's just_ann_now's.
boats and ships, certainly not lord imrahil, childcare, dancing, definitely not court functions, dol amroth, duckling, gingered pears, gingersnaps, half-days, manners, neat playrooms, rabbit, seafood, siblings, swans, the sea, well-behaved children